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Beef ban & imposition of Hindi by Indian Politicians- 1

Posted on: June 30, 2017

It was not totally unexpected ever since BJP came to power in India by 2014,that it would follow the “principle”s of  RSS, and other Parivar groups( Read as “Hindutva Fundementalists” to make things clear for western readers)!

Mr. Modi got a fantastic election victory in 2014, mainly because the ambitious indian people expected and wished that Mr.Modi would spur the industrial, technological, economical growth and thus bring more prosperity to all Indians.

Mr. Modi also tries to woo the foreign investors, try to put ” make in india’ agenda..etc…

How much forward is made in this direction is a matter to be analysed …but his friends(mentors?) at the parivar groups are working overtime to take back the indian society to stone age, by promoting intolerence in the soceity!

In what way the restrictions made in selling of cows is going to provide growth for India and Indians?





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